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  •  MLK was a great and inspirational leader (none)
    So was Ghandi. But neither were elected officials.

    You want strong, independent, charismatic, idealistic politicians without faults. Do any exist? CAN any exist? Do you know of any?

    •  I want Senators who will stand up to torture. (none)
      They don't have to be King or Ghandi.  If they think standing up against torture or defending the Constitution will hurt their careers, they're not leaders - and they're also wrong.

      In case you didn't notice, McCain has reaped moral and political benefits from his recent public fight against torture.  Obama appeared on a comedy show.  Guess who gained more ground for 2008?

      If Obama is smart, he'll publicly support Bingaman and the Constitution to reverse the most unconstitutional parts of the Graham Amendment this week.  If he's dumb like Kerry, he'll keep a low profile for another year or two.

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