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View Diary: [UPDATED] FUCK YOU BILL O'REILLY .com -- need programmer help please! (28 comments)

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  •  oh excellent! I will contact you (none)
    Basically, I "start" sites but don't know how to properly program them, so I end up image mapping a big-ass image.  So I would like to have someone design a basic navigation system, then web-code it properly, and help me to add the features described above.

    Re the previous comment on drupal: am using it already / well actually CivicSpace atop drupal, at . But someone did that for me last year, and I don't know how to do it.

    But more thna anything, I really don't want a template blog site. There are 1001 of them with very little visual differentiation. And this, I am proposing, is more of a media site.  But maybe I'm just unaware that drupal can be, perhaps, fully customized so as to have pages that look different from the standard 3 column template. ?

    i will check my email to see if you have emailed me at:

    rh4dean AT yahoo dotcom.

    I'm off to bed though, so manana... i hope that's okay.


    •  Let me get this straight? (none)
      You START websites?

      In other words, you reserve a URL for say 10 bucks or less and then try to get other people to do the work building it?

      Let me guess: You try to take credit and ownership after that?

      So, in other words you do nothing and use other people's work to promote yourself as if you did something?

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