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View Diary: WaPo's Ed Board Editor Practices The New McCarthyism (259 comments)

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  •  Hiatt says, (none)
    As you note:
    Many of them understand that dwindling public support could force the United States into a self-defeating position, and that defeat in Iraq would be disastrous for the United States as well as for Mahdi and his countrymen.

    I agree that in terms of most congressional Democrats, this is probably just a nonsensical as you seem to think it is. But, frankly, if one inserts the word "empire" after United States in that sentence and drops the implication that what we're doing in Iraq is anything but an unmitigated disaster for Iraqis ("Mahdi and his countrymen") than I'm all for such a result. I'm all for undermining public support for this war, and indeed for US defeat in Iraq, especially if it will be disastrous for US empire. Of course, Hiatt doesn't realize that "victory," as the supporters of US empire understand it, has never been an option in Iraq. We lost this war from the day we invaded because we never had a suitable comprador class to support US goals there. The US has no political allies in Iraq that has the ability to move towards the political goals the US wants to achieve: an Israeli friendly, stable, Middle-East gendarme that will skew its oil and foreign policies in support of US imperial geostrategic and politico-economic interests, and will allow for the establishment of permanent military "lily pad" bases. In terms of the goals of empire, perhaps a base or two in Kurdistan is still achievable, but that would require support for a significantly independent Kurdistan, which will undermine our relationship with the Turks, so that might be a pipe dream as well.

    Also, a US defeat in Iraq and the consequent weakening of US imperial politics can only be viewed as a good thing if one is Haitian, or Venezuelan, or anyone else trying to resist the vicious depredations of the American imperial enterprise.

    And if it's unpatriotic to note that, than I'm proudly unpatriotic.

    I'd rather be a humanist than a patriot any day.

    Why are they so sick and ridiculous?--C. Mingus

    by Rojo on Sun Nov 13, 2005 at 10:22:58 PM PST

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