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    From Econoculture:

    Armando is wrong to be so upset about Hiatt telling the truth. Bush fucked up, big time. The war was wrong to enter into, and is wrong to keep going. The Democrats also fucked up, big time. They were afraid that Bush's rhetoric would blow them out of the water, and unsure of how things would go in Iraq. So they went with the safer political route of lining up behind Bush. 2002 and 2003 were tough political times, and Bush is to blame for exploiting the conditions following 9/11. But the Democrats were outplayed, and that marks a basic failure on their part as the opposition party. Moreover, Bush is extreme, calling for an extreme response that the Democrats failed to muster when it was most critical.

    Democrats are still playing it safe, as Hiatt points out. I am not sure if we can expect anything more, given the political realities Democrats face. That Democrats are fucking up by playing it safe isn't enough to make me outright reject the Democrats, especially given the alternative. But that doesn't' t mean that I am going to stick my head in the sand and ignore what is plainly obvious.

    The best people in place to change the course of the war are Democrats in Congress and in the national spotlight. They're the best we've got. So I'll keep backing them, as they try to navigate dangerous political territory of opposing a war while it's being carried out. And since they are all we've got, let's not use their past failures prevent them from voicing concerns now.

    But this guy completely misses the point. This post was directed at Hiatt's attacks on the Democrats, not the Democrats themselves. It was directed at Hiatt's blasting the Democrats for doing something right and saying they had no business talking about the leadup to the war.

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      "dangerous political territory of opposing a war while it's being carried out"

      F that. Not dangerous at all. This country is against the war.

      Mission accomplished? 2000 dead :( High 5 asshat

      by kevn357 on Mon Nov 14, 2005 at 12:49:08 AM PST

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