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    In his column ``The Politics of War'' (11/14), Fred Hiatt accuses Democrats of trying to avoid ``being accountable for a withdraw-now position.''  No evidence is given for this assertion and, Hiatt fails to mention that the Bush administration and Republican lawmakers are trying to avoid being accountable for their disastrous withdraw-never position.

    Hiatt---and other war supporters---argue that defeat in Iraq would be a disaster and that defeat will be cause by insufficient enthusiasm for the war on the part of Democrats.  A more straightforward analysis of the situation says that the war is already a disaster and that the Bush administration lacks even a description of ``victory,'' let alone a plan to achieve it.  Bush's policy of ``staying the course'' has delivered only more casualties, soaring costs, and increased chaos in Iraq.

    Saying that if the situation in Iraq were different that the outcome of the war would be better is simply a tautology.  Trying to pin Bush's failed policy on those who question it is simply dishonest.  Bush's war in Iraq isn't failing because of skeptics at home any more than the Vietnam was was lost because the public realized we were losing.

    Perhaps in the abstract what happened in 2002 isn't relevant to making the correct decision about how to proceed in Iraq.  Even if Bush has acted in good faith and simply been unlucky not to find Saddam's alleged WMD the war would still be an out-of-control quagmire in late 2005.

    However, the manipulation of intelligence in 2002 is part of a larger pattern.  Inattentive planning, wishful thinking, half-truth, and a reliance on shouting down disagreement are do not appear only in the Bush administration's handling of pre-war intelligence.  They are exactly what have led to the deteriorating security situation, the failed reconstruction and numerous torture scandals that have characterized the war so far.

    Democratic lawmakers who are continually asked to allocate more money to prop up Bush's failing war have every reason to investigate whether or not that war was sold to the country in bad faith.

    If you think you're that far ahead, then get the chips in the middle of the table!

    by theran on Mon Nov 14, 2005 at 12:33:09 AM PST

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