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    I don't know many people who could not afford a quick trip like that hell. Hell you can fly across the country for under 300 bucks now.

    I work 60 hours/week in a skilled position and live paycheck to paycheck (I make $10/hour). I decided I was going to start trying to accumulate savings earlier this year in case something bad happens.

    After I pay rent (for my tiny apartment), phone bill, BART and bus fares for the month, health insurance, student loans, and food (basically eggs and peanut butter sandwiches and a few pieces of fruit), I have $200 left per month in "disposable" income. That has to cover every extra thing I want. If I want to have chicken to eat sometimes, it comes out of that $200. If I want to have a drink with friends, it comes out of that $200. And I decided the most I could possibly put away per month is $50.

    That's my savings plan. 25% of my disposable income nets me a whopping $600/year in savings.

    I haven't had a vacation in three years. I can't afford to take even one day off work ever, let alone buy a $300 plane ticket. Plus, I would have to find somewhere to stay once I got wherever I want to go.

    If you think traveling to another state to get an abortion is easy for most women, you are seriously out of touch.

    I'm here to laugh, love, fuck and drink liquor. And help the damn revolution come quicker.

    by oakland dem on Mon Nov 14, 2005 at 11:34:52 AM PST

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