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  •  The pulse (4.00)
    I think if you want to get the pulse of democratic message, keep track of Harry Reid.  He articulates the message very well, tying democratic values to legislative decisions.  He is our party's message in action.

    This is not specifically to you, but a general rant:
    I am really tired of this whole "dems don't have a message" crap.  If people don't already know what this party stands for, then they simply aren't paying attention.  Just because we don't package it into bite-sized idiot morsels with shiny packaging doesn't mean you can't tell which party is the one fighting for workers, equality, responsible spending, privacy, security, environmental sanity, transparency, improved foreign relations and accountability.

    My question is - what do the Republicans stand for, because here is where I see their priorities:  tax cuts for the wealthy, war, corporations, religion in government, schools and your internal organs, torture, increase spending, off-budget spending, deficits, protecting those who commit crimes in the administration and not firing anyone in the administration no matter how aggregious the offense.

    Closed minds should come with closed mouths.

    by Pennsylvanian on Mon Nov 14, 2005 at 10:48:53 AM PST

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    •  Unfortunately, (none)
      I think that there's a lot to be said for figuring out how to "bite-sized idiot morsel"-ize your message. The Republicans are experts at it, and it has been terribly effective.  Sure, if you're engaged and paying attention they seem totally nuts, changing their tune 180 degrees and talking as if no one will notice the blatant hypocrisy.  Thing is, a lot of people don't notice because they don't follow things closely enough to see it. However, if one of the "morsels" is crafted just right to hit a nerve, those people who usually don't notice will still vote.

      I agree that we Democrats do have a clear platform and solid principles, but I think that we see it because we pay more attention. But we still need to find a way to morsel-ize it using good framing, clear articulation, and repetition so that it'll reach those who aren't as plugged in. Dean has been making progress on that front, but I'm guessing it will take time to get it to catch fire in the party as a whole. But I'm patient, and I trust the Doc.

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