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  •  They are hedging bets (4.00)
    These people have an insider-outsider view of politcs (as an ex-insider I know how heady being there can be).  They need to be stroked.  A little of that ought to go a long way, though.  

    The problem is that most people in that economic strata think it's 'all about them', not about the country.  The country is just a prop for their egocentricity.  The Republicans figured that out a long time ago, and have mastered the art of stroking.

    Why can't we have real democracy for a change?  The answer is simple: no expenditure limits on campaigns.  As long as we are in the mutual assured destruction mode of politics, the cost of the arms race will ensure that the big donors get fed before the small ones.  Probably the best long-run change that could be made to our political system would be strict limits on campaign spending, the kind they have in other ostensibly democratic nations like Canada.  It works.

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