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View Diary: Stop the Expansion of the U.S.A. Patriot Act (80 comments)

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  •  Thanks for pointing out the dead link (4.00)
    I have asked my webmaster to fix the link and will see what I can do about producing the other document you requested.  Perhaps it would be most useful to compare the conference report, when it is completed, with the existing Patriot Act.  
    •  Metrics for good gov't (none)
      Congressman, thank you again for all that you do.

      My question is about measuring the effectiveness of the Patriot Act.  

      How many terrorists have been caught by this legislation?

      How much information about terrorists has been gained?

      Are there other standards by which to judge the practical value of this legislation?

      I ask because it seems to me that a critical question is being overlooked here.  And it relates to the sunset provisions on most of this statute.  Shouldn't the standard for renewal of the Patriot Act -- legislation that all will stipulate infringes the liberties of Americans to some degree -- be a clear and convincing showing by the Bush Administration and law enforcement that continued implementation of law has enormous benefits for our national security?

      The facts, as I understand them, demonstrate that the Patriot Act has resulted in almost no substantial improvement in our security situation.  Isn't it obvious to the Congress that the Bush Administration MUST demonstrate the effectiveness of this legislation in order to win further approval?  Why is it that every Democratic Congressperson is not screaming bloody murder on this?

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