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  •  Well said DS (none)
    A very well thought out illumination of the atheist position including the 'belief' in human potential which is something we share.  However, the responses on this thread give you some idea of what sort of reaction one might receive for this position from the general (believing) public. I, like you, believe that as rational being that our species can do all that it is possible to do.  We came from the stars and our ultimate home should be among them.  At the same time I see the anger that that position generates here, where presumably religious fundamentalism is not common and I have to wonder, how likely is it that we will make it to that future without destroying ourselves?  We have the worst of both worlds.  An advanced technology and the desire  and ability to use it for the destruction of those who don't agree with our theology.  When I lift my eyes to the future I see a place where the shadows reign.  Perhaps there is light there somewhere and it is simply the length of my vision that fails.  I guess we'll see.

    Here in the mouth of madness one thing is terribly clear...madness does not floss

    by Thameron on Wed Nov 16, 2005 at 02:55:11 AM PST

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