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  •  Another oportunty (none)
    The Democratic Party is letting pass a good amount of opportunities to hammer with some class warfare discourse all this Whitehouse-republicans plutocracy.

    It seems they are scared to mention that this is a government for the very rich, and by the very rich.

    The only real possibility for the democrats to win elections, not only when the Republicans are down the spiral, is to embrace publicly social reform.

    We need to change several major things from Health care to Education to Electoral system, and the cohabitation in Washington with lobbyist and other leeches needs to be denounced and used as a wedge issue. They are now the government and they are now Washington, if we use that in the South we'll win votes and we will advance a reform agenda.

    •  Dems mention (none)
      this government is for the rich and that GOP reps rubber stamp Bush's policies FOR the rich.

      Support the Troops - demand the Truth!

      by annefrank on Wed Nov 16, 2005 at 08:54:39 AM PST

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      •  With the side of their mouths (none)
        Yes, Dems do that but they rather go on other point because the feed for the same hands. Dean has been more outspoken, some times Edwards. Many others are to complecent with the system and just want to change who is in charge of the system and not to change it.

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