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View Diary: On cliques and cabals (and peer review) (90 comments)

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  •  metaconfession, I'm a part of Bob Johnson's posse (4.00)
    I recommend all Bob Johnson diaries I can find (we're not a very well organized cabal), even when they're not funny

    I am also a member of the "jotter" cabal (we're trying to destroy the universe by making the Impact list Diary the #1 rated diary on the list), DoodAbides Limerick revolution (or whatever the hell the Dood has going on over there) the social democrat cabal (on hiatus), and I'm a really big fan of teacherken (I just like the guy)

    I also support Johnny Gentle Famous Crooner, HollywoodOz, and Eddie Haskell (even though I suspect one or more of them might be crazy)

    but I'm not a member of the MSOC cult (I found out it wasn't tantric), the "I hate Armando" club, or the "I love Armando" club (Though I am qualified to join either side where Armando is concerned)

    I might be a member ot the "womens studies" set, I'm not really sure (Ask KOS yourself)

    oh, and the "Conspirators of Tres", did I mention that ??? I was the headliner in that cabal, er, conspiricy (or whatever the fuck we were supposed to have been doing)

    but Cabals or cliques ??? there ain't no cabals or cliques around here

    people just like me, that's all

    if you keep this up, HollywoodOz SaIlycat and I will have to get Bob Johnson's Posse to take you out


    I am a Mighty Flame Warrior

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