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View Diary: A Shameful Episode for the Los Angeles Times (211 comments)

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  •  Tell the LA Times what you think (none)
    There is a little comment symbol on the page at the LAT. Tell them what you really think about Jonah Goldberg over there. I'm sure they are not reading this site.


    •  Exactly! (none)
      The LA Times needs to be barraged with arguments about how their latest columnist is a deranged moon... I mean, contemptible hack.  Maybe all attention is good, but personally if the attention were going toward something as embarassing as this, I might feel otherwise.

      "I didn't have good intelligence!"

      by el fuego on Thu Nov 17, 2005 at 01:43:16 PM PST

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      •  A truly embarrassing debut for Goldberg (none)
        I can't believe we lose Scheer for this tripe.

        It's not bad enough that his inaugural column is outright insulting, it also nearly vaporous substantively. And, ironically, his premise that lying to the American people is acceptable is illsutrated nicely just a few pages earlier in an article headlined, "Declassified Memo Captures Nixon's Intention to Obscure the U.S. Campaign in Cambodia".

        In a memo from the meeting, Nixon told his military staff to continue doing what was necessary in Cambodia, but to say for public consumption that the United States was merely providing support to South Vietnamese forces when necessary to protect U.S. troops.

        "That is what we will say publicly," he said. "But now, let's talk about what we will actually do."

        Funny, Goldberg didn't bother to cite Nixon's demonstration of forgivable deceipt.

    •  I diaried this subject myself this morning (none)
      as it made me so sick.  But I have not yet cancelled my subscription--though I intend to.  More than cancelling, I'm trying to find a way to pay the money I would have spent on the daily LAT I'm currently getting to HuffPo.  I want to mail the reciept along with my LTE about how they have simply gone to hell.  I hope they enjoy the company down there in Hades.
      •  I cancelled my subscription (none)
        just now. I can't see any reason to continue subscribing to their rag anymore. Even the TV section is always wrong.
        •  I only get the Times on Sunday now (none)
          Here's my email to the Opinion editor:

          Ok, so what's up with this new right-wing aura surrounding a lot of the articles in the Opinion section. Case in point: Jonah Goldberg calling those who disagree with the President's war in Iraq "deranged moonbats." This is exactly the reason why I canceled my subscription to the LA Times. We live in a BLUE state, yet we are forced to swallow the penmanship of right-wing thugs. People like me who tend to lean liberal politically are tired of the games and the nonsense that is displayed every Sunday in the Opinion section. And people like me are the reason why you guys have to cut back on staff and your circulation is falling. We're tired of the B.S. and the pandering to the Republican Party. It is disgraceful. It is dishonest. And it is a disservice to your readers and your paper.

          •  Less Liberal, Less Politcal (Andres Martinez) (none)
            It's not the "Opinion" section anymore buddy, it's the "Current" section now. Get with the "less liberal, less political" program. And don't forget to celebrate Joel Stein's new promotion. Yay humor-gossip; Nay thoughtful analysis. Pass the kool aid.

            [no I'm not a troll, just very sarcastic]

    •  My Letter to the L.A. Times (none)

      Dear Editor:

      I am appalled and disgusted that you have chosen to insult your readers by adding Jonah Goldberg as an editorial writer.

      Shame on you.  Why are you inflicting this fool on us?  

      I will cancel my subscription until you remove him from the paper.  He is worthless, and adds absolutely nothing.

      You are destroying the prestige of the paper by giving editorial space to a mindless idiot like Mr. Goldberg. Either he goes or I go.

      Thank you.

      by nyceve on Thu Nov 17, 2005 at 03:04:15 PM PST

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    •  Jonah (none)
      can be e-mailed directly at Light him up.

      Run to the hills. Run for your life.

      by runtothehills on Thu Nov 17, 2005 at 03:54:02 PM PST

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