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View Diary: A Shameful Episode for the Los Angeles Times (211 comments)

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  •  The ranting and raging is just begining. (none)
    As Bush's chickens come home to roost, after more than four years of breathtakingly poor judgment and putting ideology ahead of sound civics, the roof was bound to collapse on these people.

    You can have an ideology that says water runs up hill (or evolution never occured) but you can't build a dam on the theory that water rushes up hill. The dam (or levee) will burst. And when it does, you can't talk the water into running up hill.

    So be prepared for the Republican punditry to descend into a morass of shilling and ranting and raging and screaming as they watch their ideological dreams wash down hill.

    Calling Dems moonbats while evidence of lies are obvious will not make the water run up hill.

    Water simply does not run up hill. Even if you shout at it and call it a moonbat.

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