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  •  When Can America Have This Important Discussion (3.50)
    A discussion about Zionism and American politics?

    When can we point out that some US politicians and pundits are more concerned with Israel's national security interests than that of the United States?  

    When can Americans question this countries unbiased support for Israel as the primary motivating factor behind terrorism?

    When can we discuss the Neocons in terms of their rabid support for Israel and their involvement in the AIPAC/ Pentagon spy scandal?

    When can we talk about Israel as the number one country when it comes to UN resolution violations?


    •  gave a preemptory four (none)
      because I bet it won't be right now.  :)
    •  Shhhhh..... (none)
      Quiet. Don't mention the elephant in the room. Don't you get it? Israel good. Arab bad. We wouldn't want to muddy up the war on terra with facts now, would we?

      Run to the hills. Run for your life.

      by runtothehills on Thu Nov 17, 2005 at 03:51:29 PM PST

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    •  Zionism, America, a war for Israel, and Jonah (none)
      Thank you LA Times....we hardly know you anymore.

      Anyone notice the recent transformation of National Public Radio?  The past couple of weeks "All Things Considered" gave us uncontested commentary and 'expert' opinion from Krauthammer, David Brooks, John Bolton, David Frum, Michael Rubin....all free to spew their Neocon jibberish on our publicly funded airwaves.

      Zionism vs America....this IS our culture war in America.  When will America wakeup and have this important debate on this issue?

      New name:  National Public Radio for a Greater Israel.

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