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  •  additional suggestions (4.00)
    1st suggestion: I know how to see a list of all the comments I have rated, but there seems not to be anything that would allow me to see a list of all the diaries I have recommended. This would be fun and convenient. There are many times I am struggling to remember some dairy I had really liked and that I know I've recommended but I can't quite remember enough details about to access it.  This could be in the form of an additional tab entitled "recommendations" in the user page (perhaps located between "ratings" and "subscription").

    2rd suggestion: Start a suggestion box where we could make just these sorts of suggestions. It would be nice if other people's suggestions could be accessed and commented upon as well.

    3rd suggestion: Add a link on the home page for reporting bugs.  I know that this is an option within "contact us" link, but it might be useful to make it more prominent.

    4th suggestion: [this basically mirrors one of the comments above] Why not have a link at the bottom of the recommended diaries pane saying "theres more..." and linking to previous recommended diaries in chronological order. Sometimes I have been away for a few days and I want to see what the most important diaries were during the period I was gone. Also, sometimes I have been reading a recommended and had to run out the door for something. When I get back, it's gone and is no longer in the 50 most recent. If I can't recal some phrase or who the diarist was I can't get back to it with ease.

    •  2nd suggestion for a "Clink for more rec'd (none)

      Excellent idea.

      Don't know how difficult to implement, how much storage space it takes, broadband, etc. But sounds really good.

    •  Existing solutions-- (none)
      You could get the same effect as #1 if you hotlisted diaries as you recommended them. That might also be the easiest way of implementing your suggestion -- just have a user preference you could set so the Recommend button simultaneously added the diary to your hotlist.

      #2 (and perhaps #3) are already implemented, in effect, via the tag feature: just tag your diary with the site improvement tag.

      #4 is basically being done by jotter as a series of separate diaries.

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