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    While I am a great fan of probably all the "frequently recommended" there does seem to be a "barrier to entry" for lesser known diarists and posters.  

    That said, I certainly would not want to limit my access to to the leading lights of the site, as they lend vitally important continuity in perspective and in information, which allows for greater depth of analysis and discussion.   The frequently recommended have indeed become the op ed page of dailykos.  

    So, I heartily agree with the effort to provide more recommended slots, and I much prefer the idea of doing it via "categories" which will keep our star performers as accessible as they are now, and allow lesser known voices to be amplified.  Most importantly, it feels like it will give all kossacks a more meaningful vote when we click that "recommended" button, which is good for democracy too!  

    Reality addict - can't get enough of seeing it all clearly

    by writeout on Fri Nov 18, 2005 at 09:36:09 AM PST

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