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    First, there isn't room enough on each page to show multiple categories unless the number of recommended entries in each is reduced.  So if the categorization is to take place, it should occur on a page dedicated just to recommended diaries.  The main recommended list should still show the top recommends from all the categories.  The list should also be expanded, at least to 12.

    Second, I'm not so sure about categorization at all.  We could break things down too many different ways.  The only information I need beyond the diary title is whether it is simply a link to some news elsewhere, or a true blue commentary.  This has some overlap, of course, because a diary can contain commentary on linked news, which begins to just muddy everything.

    The primary problem seems to be the ever increasing bulk of postings, and the speed at which they move on.  Certainly the Recommended Archive or "More" button would be a vast and easy improvement.

    Also, the idea of an "Unrecommend" (not in the context of an already recommended diary but simply in the sense of "dump this crap faster") would help in the recent diary section.

    Which leads to the possibility of doing a second-tier weighting of recent diaries.  Instead of simply bumping down every entry when a new one comes along, let those getting some traction reflect that traction by not floating directly down.  This, of course, could lead to lots of problems in having to find the real new entries as opposed to the not so new entries, but a color coding system should easily solve this.  White would be brand new with no traction yet, then run through a color scale right up to those about to bust into the main recommended list.  Perhaps this color coding alone is sufficient, and "floating up" need not occur beyond keeping the post from dropping off prematurely as compared to less popular entries.

    None of this may really be necessary beyond the "More" button for the recommended diaries.  That is simply a must, and would not be a technological leap of any prohibitive significance.

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