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View Diary: Republicans Suffer From Bush: US Map Trending Blue (150 comments)

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  •  Third party (none)
    I'm starting to believe we'll see true three-party races soon. Probably not in 2008, but perhaps by 2010 and 2012. I think the fracturing in the Republican party is real and permanent, and I think either the Dobsonites or the moderates are going to make the split and create a true, viable third party.

    My view is always that the more voices we have in national debate, the better. I've always been slightly uncomfortable with the two-party system.

    •  A Definite Possibility (none)
      Considering the results of the Diageo/Hotline poll that also was released yesterday, showing that among Republicans, the two most preferred potential candidates (barely edging out McCain) are Rudy Giuliani and Condi Rice, both of whom would be anathema to the social-policy wingnuts in the south, plains and mountain states, the possibility of a third-party split (Constitution Party, anyone?) would definitely have to be considered.  Personally, I doubt either Rice or Giuliani could ever successfully make it through the GOP primaries, but if somehow either one were to make it onto the ticket -- even in the VP slot -- the social conservatives would either bolt or stay home and sit on their hands.

      Here are PDFs of the GOP preference section of the poll and of the full poll results, which would have to read as another demonstration that Bush's base is beginning to fracture, with 41% of self-identified GOPers saying that things in this country are going seriously off on the wrong track.  The highest figure ever previously recorded under Bush was 29%.  Overall, 66% said that we're on the wrong track (84% among Dems and 76%(!) among independents).

      Surprisingly, even 11% of Republicans think that the country would be better off if the Democrats controlled Congress.  Only 8% of independents said the same thing in the GOP's favor, while 37% thought that it would be better for the Dems to control Congress.  Oddly, though, this didn't entirely carry through to the generic congressional ballot, where the Dems only held a six-point edge, down from nine points a month ago.

    •  In Minnesota (none)
      We're already seeing three party races in Minnesota. In the Minneapolis city races, some wards were two party races - Democrats vs. Greens. And some Republicans are calling for a return to the old IR, Independent Republican party. The Minnesota Republicans are getting sick of the Neo-cons, and perhaps beginning to break with them.

      Minnesota is a geographically large state, so in some ways it't difficult to make generalizations. There are large pockets of liberals, there are very conservative suburbs, and there are large agricultural and mining areas with a different outlook than either. The city liberals are learning to span the gap, and see that the farmers' interests are compatible with the city dwellers. There is a reason it's formally the Democratic Farmer-Labor party. Our state Democrat party is an old alliance, put together by Hubert Humphrey, of the Democratic party and the old Farmer-Labor party, a radical third party from the Depression and before.

      I know that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one... John Lennon

      by MagentaMN on Fri Nov 18, 2005 at 09:18:34 AM PST

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