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View Diary: Republicans Suffer From Bush: US Map Trending Blue (150 comments)

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  •  DOESN`T MEAN VOTES (4.00)
    just because the whole country is against bush it doesn`t mean they will vote democratic, 2004 proves doubt the gop will pull some type of national security scare next year to fiighten  people although the democratic  outlook is looking up, we need to make sure that the country knows the gop cares more about tax cuts for the rich than helping the poor and middle class.
    •  Yes, yes (none)
      I agree with you and all the other posters who have posted similar sentiments.  However, my perspective is that it is better to have people trending towards sanity than away from it.  It gives us a better starting point in the 06 election.
    •  How can Dems innoculate against this possibility? (none)
      Is there a way that we can alert voters to this potential winger strategy - so they are not taken in by it?

      There was a time trend graph in the Progressive a long time ago (maybe before the midterm elections?) that showed how quickly republicans manufactured a threat just after a poll showed their popularity falling.

      Now, the Progressive doesn't have that large a circulation (~80,000), so more is needed. How can this relationship become part of the Dems' talking points? Are there people here who know how to get the word out, if an updated version of the chart can be created?

      I fully expect an Osama tape soon, or some such. Maybe more antrax? We have to be proactive, so that fewer people fall for it.

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