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  •  30 years of scheming ... (4.00)
     ... short-changes the enormous amount of money and effort that went into taking over the US government.  Enormous.  They have come within one supreme court nominee of controlling the entire US government (and have already bankrupted the treasury) because they have planned for it, strategized, learned from their mistakes, and taken advantage of every avenue of profit and advance they could find.  They are ruthless and efficient (which is another way to say fascist) and popular with the ambitious.

    Note too that this neat break-down of data provided by our diarist is exactly the kind of thing KKKarl Rove has been provided for George Bush and the Republican party for a quarter of a century.  His dirty tricks work not because they are dirty but because he knows in advance what issues, statements, wordings, etc. will flip people.  And he knows that from extensive polling, completely graphed and analyzed.

    The progressives -- even the centrists -- need to develop an entire class of professional information workers if they are to take on the ugly Republican Party machine.  Perhaps it is being done.  It will cost billions of dollars.  The Republicans have spent close to 30 billion dollars so far (I don't have a reference) -- but look at what it's given them:  complete control of the US Military, free access to one trillion dollars in US taxes, and the ability to write and pass laws which enrich them, and impoverish and outlaw their enemies.

    More of a rant than I was planning.  Read it and weep.

    -5.13;-6.92 De-Bu$hify NOW! Remove *every* Bu$hCo appointee and revoke their security clearances

    by Yellow Canary on Fri Nov 18, 2005 at 08:20:28 AM PST

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