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  •  she's phenomenal (none)
    when the question answer segment of our training came, i was like..."um how do you...well...what should we...uh can you tell me...AH HELL NEVERMIND!"

    everyone just laughed.  the point was where the fuck do i begin???  she laid it out so great, but she was light years ahead of us in our county.  she was very kind to point out that watauga's success came after a bloody coupe and didn't happen over night.

    that still didn't prevent me from being awestruck.

    we have howard coble (congressionally speaking) are you the dreaded charles taylor?  (i need a map)

    •  Yeah, (none)
      Thats whats so cool about small communities. And what I hope people realize is just that we are going and talking to people door to door. The most conservative candidates dont win locally, its which ones knock on the most doors! Thats what Pam taught us. Also, she helped Loretta Clawson, our terriffic new mayor, be in a spot to run practically unopposed in a Bush County(a student ran against her, and was just as if not more progressive, but he was not to serious). Republicans had nobody.

      But, like she said, it wasnt overnight. But, it was just a few people who orchestrated it. Anybody can do it. Who doesnt want to knock off the "good-ol-boys"? :)

      Taylor's district is father South around Asheville. I am fifth district - Virginia Foxx. She was one of the few to vote against Katrina relief, and is UBERconservative for what is really a pretty split district. It sucks. So we are gonna kick her out. :)

      Taylor too.

      Which district is Coble? I dont know anything about him?

      Don't you know I would never fucking say fuck?!

      by faithfull on Fri Nov 18, 2005 at 12:21:27 PM PST

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      •  coble is the 6th (none)
        all of moore and randolph and parts of guilford, alamance, rowan, and davidson counties.

        i can't believe you have virginia foxx (ugh!) what a witch. but you have delmas and a bunch of really good progressive activists.  

        coble is such a good ole boy.  it's gross.  unfortunately (electorally speaking) he's done some decent things this year for a change.  he voted against cafta and against the iraq war supplemental and said it was time to bring home the troops, we had more urgent need for that money.

        but he's still a gd republican and we need to get rid of him.

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