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  •  it may strive to do that . . . (none)
    . . . but the text doesn't succeed.  And you get closer to what a better corporate exemption might look like.

    I'm not crazy about "what people do on their own websites" as a limitation, because is a website your own?  This site, for anyone but the owners of KosMedia LLC?

    Also, in terms of "paid messages", I'd love to see some threshold level of activity to qualify for reporting/disclosure requirements.  Someone who buys nine $30 online ads shouldn't have to file with the FEC.

    •  Blogspot is free, and so (none)
      it's not a paid communication, and it's free to post at "Daily Kos," and so this isn't a paid communication.  Both are exempt via HR 4194.

      Regarding websites like dKospedia which are part of corporation, if it had to re-organize as 501(c) or just a website with no official designation instead of being part of a corporation, that wouldn't be so bad.

      Pocasters, etc., are already covered by HR 4194 if they aren't from corporations.

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