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View Diary: damnit! this is SERIOUS!!! bush IS drinking again! (55 comments)

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  •  got a link? n/t (none)

    Voldemart lives again - in the white house!

    by edrie on Mon Nov 21, 2005 at 09:13:21 AM PST

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    •  Dear Edrie (none)
       There were several diaries last week, with the video of Bush in Virginia the evening before the Kilgore/Kaine election. I am remembering Can-of-Fun (sp) or name similar that made the video. Can someone find it for Edrie?  Anyone of us that have had a family member that is an alcoholic and fallen off the wagon, knows what is happening with our President.  AA members can recognize the traits!   Alcoholism is a progressive disease and when you Pick-up again after years of restraint, it is as if you drank all of those years or time with-in the abstinence! Brain-cells just totally deteriate!

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