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View Diary: damnit! this is SERIOUS!!! bush IS drinking again! (55 comments)

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  •  joan, maybe NOT so ludicrous... (none)
    i worked in the theatre (specifically, ballet) for years - and from observing first hand, very few "straight" men (especially homophobic ones) "hang out" with gays.

    the ostracizing of gays is particularly prevalent among the "born again" movement - that was the reason for the "hot button" issue being used to rally the "base".

    so, bush's 'familiarity' with openly gay men is highly suspect, considering his "background" in the born again movement.

    stonemason, maybe this is a diary worth making - put the issue of sexual prejudice together and put it on the board.  it is a valid issue and needs examination.  just from that hitler article, the complexities of confused sexuality and political abuses of power, people, etc. is worth examining!

    the ramifications are everywhere, abortion, refusing to fill birth control prescriptions, blocking the morning after pill, challenging roe v wade, and more.

    those who have the most difficulty with sex for anything other than procreation usually lead the battle that would control the sexuality of the rest of us.

    so, would bush "hang out" with known homosexuals?  i am guessing not - if he were of the traditional ba beliefs - and not if he wanted to keep that base.  what would drive him to openly embrace gay friends?  speculation to this point, but from my observations in the "real" world, he appears to be very comfortable in the environment - which belies his professed "belief" system.  curiouser and curiouser.  and it does matter - if it influences his political behavior in an attempt to  satisfy his base.

    Voldemart lives again - in the white house!

    by edrie on Mon Nov 21, 2005 at 09:54:38 AM PST

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