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View Diary: damnit! this is SERIOUS!!! bush IS drinking again! (55 comments)

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  •  how? (none)
    I keep searching on this search engine, and on google, for "daily kos edrie wtc world trade center..." what-have-you, and can get nothing.  I want to see your diary.  I'm new.  I infer from what does come up on your page that this system has driven you nuts too.

    If you've figured out how to get to that diary ("find on this page" yields nothing on "edrie's page" either) please let me know.  I guess I need a link.  And a handbook, and a compass, and a geigercounter.... <mutters unintelligibly...>

    Sorry to cause any offense.  Thanks for your comments above.  Blasted if I can figure out the rating thing either.

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