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View Diary: When Tags are Not Enough: the Rendon Group (56 comments)

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  •  I support that tweak (4.00)
    But in the meantime, I encourage people to look through the "All tags" list (alphabetically) every so often to see what tags people are using.  It is the closest thing this site has to an index.  And if, in the process of a Google search, you discover an older diary that is dead on and has no tags, tag it.  It won't count in the numbered parenthetical in the alltags list, but it will be retrievable when someone clicks on the tag.

    In addition to providing the best means of finding diaries that have scrolled off the front page, the tags are already working at driving diaries toward the top of Google searches.  Try googling "Danny Bubp" and see what I mean.  A two-day old diary is already #3 on the countdown.

    One other thing to bear in mind: tags work better as a means of drawing in Google searches if they include both first and last names.  So when looking through the list, look for individuals by first name.

    •  no one should have to do this (4.00)
      If instead, when you hit preview on your diary submission (which by the way should be mandatory at least once), you should get to see a list of similar tags along with the number of diaries so tagged, and a list of similarly tagged recent diaries.

      That way you get see the possibilities at the right time, when it might make a difference.

      •  That's a great proposal (none)
        (If for no other reason than that it doesn't require any extra effort.)
        But in the meantime people aren't using the options that are already available.

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