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View Diary: When Tags are Not Enough: the Rendon Group (56 comments)

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  •  Tag maintenance (4.00)
    From time to time, I've gone through the tag list and tried to reconcile such variations. I know that other people have done the same thing.

    I should try to do so more often, and probably should do a diary on commonly-occuring sets of tags. One common one is "First name last name" vs. "Last name". The former is the generally-used standard, but you'll still find diaries under "Alito" and so forth.


    •  PS (none)
      I just retagged the two "Alito" diaries to be "Samuel Alito", so that example just went away. Plenty of other ones, though.


    •  I believe in fair warning. (4.00)
      I was mulling doing a diary to declare my intentions, and then of course my TU went away so it was moot.

      But yeah, this is at least as important as being a diary cop and we ought to set up some ground rules.

      For historical reference there is the Category Movement.

      •  There have been some rules (4.00)
        The tagging guidelines that show up on the 'Add/Edit tags' screen are somewhat of a help.

        Hmmm. Maybe I should really should write a diary on tagging ground rules. It's a conversation worth having; as this diary showed, the tags are useful but not a cure-all for the "find relevant information" problem.


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