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View Diary: When Tags are Not Enough: the Rendon Group (56 comments)

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  •  Remember that tags aren't finished (none)
    Once the search-by-tags function is up and running, I expect things will start to click into place.  Right now, for example, if you click on the George W. Bush tag, down the right-hand column you get a list of similar tags--everything from Kate Bush to W. Kenneth Feree.  I assume that the tag search will be similar.  You type "rendon" into the tag search box, and it brings up anything tagged "Rendon," "the Rendon Group," and so on as similar searches.

    That's why it's important to standardize the tagging before the search is implemented, and keep the list as short and as to the point as possible.  We only need one tag for George W. Bush, since any search for "bush" "george bush" or the like will bring up the one tag that holds all the diaries about him.

    •  Bad example (none)
      There's more than one Bush, and more than one George Bush.  The ability to do some type of Boolean search, if doable, could solve a lot of problems.  The "similar tag" feature is also very helpful and I agree that it could form the basis for some kind of "tag help."
    •  Oops (none)
      I see your post above and I'm in complete agreement.
    •  tags are not search (none)
      not, not, not, not, not.

      Munging them together will just combine the worst of both.

      Let tags be tags, just give us back a functional search.

      •  Tags *will be* search (none)
        Markos promised.  He did.
        •  sorry (none)
          but that's not possible.  

          Tags != search.

          Tags are a type of categorization, in this case an open ended (almost) anything goes application of "key words" or "key phrases" that stand in stead of the content of the item that needs to be foun  This is often called a folksonom  y.

          Search by content, which is what I mean by search, and what I expect most people mean, can't be implemented using tags, because the tags aren't the diary.  You can't search through the contents of the diary by looking at the tags attached to that diary.  It's not the same thing.

          What you can do is say "look at all those tags! Don't you really just want to search for tags not content?".  And if everybody says ok, well, that will be the new "search".  But that isn't ever going to be the same thing as searching the actual content of the diaries.  

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