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View Diary: When Tags are Not Enough: the Rendon Group (56 comments)

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  •  What does Markos say ??? (none)
    here are a few thoughts to spark a discussion (and we need to pimp this all over the place for a few days to widen this discussion)

    I just recently started fooling around with tags, and I think it could be better organized, but it seems to help

    I don't think tags should replace a working search function, but tags could work WITH a better search function

    the part where I run into problems with the tags revolves around the "human element", and the fact that the tags have no real definition

    I was involved in a rather comical troll diary over the weekend, and I thought to include it under the "comedy" tag. But an inspection of the diaries on the "comedy tag" page showed that the troll diary did not fit in that catagory.

    the tags are in a learning and testing phase, and Markos says that an improved search function is coming in the summer of 2006, so what does Markos have to say about jotter's plans and concerns ???

    is the new search function being designed with jotter's imput ???

    do we need to have a "tags Day", or even a "Tags Week" where an extensive discussion of tag etequitte occurs, and kosmopolitian encouraged to properly tag their past diaries ???

    go ahead, let her rip, I can take it

    •  gasp, sputter, choke ... (4.00)
      raises head from desert floor, stretches arm toward the shimmering oasis  on horizon and creeks in dessicated whisper says,

      "tags are not search!"

      head slumps to the sand, fade to black.

      Now what about the Rendon Group?

    •  There are... (none)
      the Tags diaries in the FAQ and that was so me.  We do a very poor job educating people.  If you want to diary this and my info helps you with your research, give me a link or two and we're more than square.  You do know things.

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