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  •  I met Dr. Fauci. (none)
    Years ago, when one of the longest running AIDS research projects going was only a year old.  I'd been working on it when it was a pilot project, and a group of the workers were taken to coffee so he could listen to our concerns.  

    In actual fact, what I mostly remember was the woman running the study at our location was utterly astounded that I (being only the data entry person) could tell Dr. Fauci how many mistakes could be expected in a given week, and where they would come from.  But Dr. Fauci was sensible and concerned (and not at all surprised that the data entry person could answer that question).  

    I'm sure he's had a lot of practice being political since; but I find it in me to doubt that he had anything to do with setting the priorities on that list.

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