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  •  I agree with the Doctors (none)
    Life isn't pretty, plagues are about as un-pretty as it gets for humans.  And really, that's what bird flu could shape up to be: the black plague for a new century.

    You see, the interesting thing about bird flu is that we have no immunity to it.  Zero.  Zilch.  If you want to know how bad that can be for a culture, google "american indians smallpox" and have a laugh.  60-90% of their total population succumbbed to smallpox when europeans brought it over.  Really, no shit.

    So if H5N1 mutates into something that kills, say 50% of all infected, then children are the last of our worries.  Keeping the power on, food on our tables, heat in our houses, and basic survival will be tantamount.  And to do that you need doctors, engineers, funeral directors (unless you like storing corpses in your house for extended periods), and the like.  Children will be in God's hands just like the rest of us.

    Get your head around this idea now, bird flu could be minor or it could be catastrophic.  We really just don't know, it's like a game of viral russian roullete.  We have to be prepared for different levels of response, and children are early casualties in most scenarios.

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