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  •  this is an important discussion... (none)
    ...and if it scrolls off the front page I would suggest reposting another (perhaps less-frantic day before the holiday) day.  I am a statistic--I put in my five years and left teaching for some of the reasons you allude to above.  I felt that I was beginning to do more harm than good by following the direction of current educational policy.  One of the first things taught in each of my education classes was that a society's schools are a microcosm of and reflection of, the larger society.  Our public schools struggle with racism, sexism, economic disparity, etc, etc, just as society at large does.  Our schools can and should be the source of reform and progress; education really can change people's minds and hearts.  Making education entirely about standardized tests, however, will not force reform.  Teaching kids how to do worksheets and solve trick multiple choice questions will never result in progress.  We must have the discussion that you call for & determine what kind of society we want to be & have that reflected in our schools, so that they become more than technical training grounds where children are taught to do what they are told.

    I will let no man narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.

    by Albatross on Wed Nov 23, 2005 at 06:14:51 AM PST

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