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View Diary: Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera, the story grows (132 comments)

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  •  asdf (none)
    Sorry, poor expression on my behalf: I was initially skeptical regarding the authenticity of the document.

    Until last night and Kilfoyle's testimony. The "joke" meme is pre-emptive spinning of the interpretation that involves a sense of humour failure on Blair's behalf. I do recognise that this is, er, spin, and that Bush was actually being serious.

    Interestingly Newsnight also interviewed Frank Gaffney on the programme who adopted the classic "holocaust denier" strategy of it's not true, but it would be perfectly justified if it was.

    •  Frank Gaffney and bombing Al-Jazeera (none)
      Gaffney's statements on why it would be perfectly justified to bomb Al-Jazeera were so repulsive to me that I transcribed them at some length in my diary on the subject:

      •  These are the same Republicans (none)
        who claim Bush is taking the fight to the enemy -"over there" - but look at their own aggression over here!  Roberts wants to assassinate Chavez and blow up the State Dept., O'Liely wants to bomb California, Bolton wants to destroy the UN, Gaffney and a whole bunch of Fox Neocons have been wanting to bomb al-Jazeerah since Day 1.
        This culture of violence can be directly attributed to the immoral Bush administration.
        Bush is not America!

        Support the Troops - Demand the Truth!

        by annefrank on Wed Nov 23, 2005 at 10:44:09 AM PST

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      •  a quote from your diary: (none)
        for those who might miss it otherwise:

        Later, Gaffney goes further:

        "We're talking about a news organization, so called, that is promoting bin Laden, that is promoting Zawahiri, that is promoting Zarqawi, that is promoting beheadings, that is promoting suicide bombers, that is other ways enabling the propaganda aspects of this war to be fought by our enemies, and I think that puts it squarely in the target category.  Whether the best way to do it is with bombs or through other means is something we could discuss, but I think it's fair game, under these circumstances, given the way it conducts itself."

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