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  •  Out, unless you were a male, 16 years or older... (none)
    I can just imagine the Canadians coming down to liberate some of the towns across the border in the name of freedom and the war on terra.

    Get out of town! goes the cry to the city. Hey!! I was told to get out a couple months ago and Mr. Sadr beat those Canadians back. I ain't gonna leave. Besides, were am I going to go and how will I get there. My boy is going to stay with me cause my 90 year old legs don't work so well. (Seems I remember a southern river town where everyone was told to leave because of an obviously immenint hurricane. We know that everyone doesn't leave no matter what.)

    Regardless, all the military age boys aren't allowed to leave. I bet there were a few dozen thousand of them in our hypothetical city of 300,000. But, they can be counted as insurgents if they die, not civilians, so nothing to get worked up over.

    Now, famous for its 'bombs bursting mid-air' anthem, let's let some of those cute little willy peats fly. Yes; that's the air getting sucked out of the room. Yes; that's the feeling of a percussion on your frail body, about 3000 lbs per square inch. Fortunately, you are so dead by now that you don't notice that you are no longer anything but molecules, and you don't notice that those on the fringes of the explosion are rotting away.

    Oh! there must be some 'we won the morality vote', 'let's get rid of all the lawyers (except my lawyer)' conservative who is willing to parse some missing line in the war crimes catalog. Let's see if the American's will buy it that we are liberating them, eh?

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