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View Diary: Russ Feingold on ABC This Week -- with POLL (51 comments)

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  •  Because Murtha is NOT a coward. (none)
    I'm not suggesting we call everyone cowards, just the cowards.

    What do you call Dems who voted for the IWR for fear that they might lose some votes if the didn't?

    •  I call 'em politicians (4.00)
      And that's why they're a problem.  

      "Let all the dreamers wake the nation." -- Carly Simon

      by Cream City on Sun Nov 27, 2005 at 09:58:17 AM PST

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    •  i reject the premise of the question (none)
      cause it is based on the idea that we can look into people's souls and decide for them what their motivations are.

      the only rational argument i've heard that some dems voted out of fear is that it was so obvious to so many people that it must have also been obvious to them as well but they caved anyway.

      well.  now we have murtha.  a guy whose bullshit detector seems pretty well tuned.  and apparently it wasn't so obvious to him.

      so either murtha played along with the lies willingly just like everyone else.

      or he was lied to, voted what he believed,... just like everyone else.

      Sick of the mess they find/On their desert stage/And the bravery of being out of range. -- r. waters

      by BiminiCat on Sun Nov 27, 2005 at 09:58:35 AM PST

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      •  One size does not fit all. (none)
        "...just like everyone else..." suggests that everyone had the same reasons for voting the way they did. I don't believe that.

        Murtha was one of those who believed the admin's spin and thought invading Iraq was the right thing to do. He was wrong, and has admirably owned up to it.

        But you don't have to be clairvoyant to know that others had political motivations. Feingold even said so overtly when he said that some senators told him they opposed the resolution but voted for it anyway.

        I guess you just put a lot more faith in the integrity of politicians than I do.

      •  No, Murtha is more like Walter Jones (R-NC) (none)
        Jones, francophobe and inventor of "Freedom Fries", is one of the few politicians  who voted his deranged conscience at the beginning of the war.  And you know how you can tell?  Because when the evidence showed he was actually aiding a dishonest war criminal, he and Murtha ended their support publicly and changed their minds.

        Not at all like those opportunistic pieces of shit you liken them to.  (I guess we can add Edwards now, a full year after it could have done some good.)

        It's worth noting, neither party seems to have more than a couple like that.

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