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View Diary: "Trophy Video" of Civilian Shootings By Contractors Emerges (255 comments)

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  •  I have to go with suicide. (none)
    His behavior and writings fit.

    This straight arrow who came up with the noble vision of honorable service finally met up with crass reality: America, 2005. And he broke.

    Don't even go to murder; this whole culture murdered him.

    Daddy, What did you do in Bush Two?

    by omfreebogart on Sun Nov 27, 2005 at 03:51:14 PM PST

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    •  and just who is the source? (4.00)
      Look at the sources describing the behavior, and the source who "found" the note and the gun. If this war has taught us anything, its to question, question, question.

      Iraq al Qaeda links?
      Legend of Jessica Lynch?
      Legend of Pat Tilman?
      Abu Ghraib a few bad apples?

      •  His statements to his family. (none)
        He broke. He wasn't some gung ho out-front whistleblower; he was an introvert, and the kind of guy who took things on--felt a huge burden of responsibility. So he wasn't a big threat.

        I used to be a suicide counselor, by the way.

        Daddy, What did you do in Bush Two?

        by omfreebogart on Sun Nov 27, 2005 at 04:07:32 PM PST

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        •  which of these statements (none)
          "This is a mess ... dunno what I will do with this,"

          "[I] didn't think I'd make it last night."

          "In Ted's voice, there was fear. He did not like the nighttime and being alone."

          Says suicide to you? And what description leads you to believe he was an introvert, or a guy who felt a huge burden of responsibility?  Which leads you to believe he was not a threat?

          •  Sounds like he confronted the mercenaries involved (4.00)
            and was threatened for doing so. I would not tell my family "didn't think I'd make it last night", if that was supposed to mean, he feared he would kill himself. To me it sounds as if he were in a situation where he feared for his life, because he might have been threatened by the people whose behaviour he was supposed to control or investigate.

            He might have feared to get killed, because the mercenary knew he was not going to cover it up but struggled with the mess over its morality. I agree with you, my first reactions to the LA article was that he was murdered. It makes a lot of more sense than to kill himself.

            I rather believe he was depressed because he knew that (may be) his superiors didn't really want him "to investigate". They wanted him to pretend to investigate and come up with an "acceptable" result. He might have been pressured and threatened from both sides.

        •  We have no firsthand "statements to (2.50)
          his family," because they didn't talk to the writers of this article. It says so in the article. We have Pentagon and Aegis claims about what he said to his family, to people in Iraq, etc. The transcript of the official "investigation" into his death, with attendent emails, forensic handwriting expert report [for the purported "suicide note"], and ballistic analysis have not been released to the public or press.
          To run off with assuming, on the evidence of the possible-murderers, that the colonel committed suicide, is the equivalent of tele-diagnosis of videotape. It doesn't pass the smell test.
          •  And a suicide conselor should know better. (none)
            •  In your CSI fantasy, (none)
              many people were involved.

              "By June, some of Westhusing's colleagues had begun to worry about his health. They later told investigators that he had lost weight and begun fidgeting, sometimes staring off into space. He seemed withdrawn, they said.

              His family was also becoming worried. He described feeling alone and abandoned. He sent home brief, cryptic e-mails, including one that said, "[I] didn't think I'd make it last night." He talked of resigning his command."

              Some people initially react to such events by getting very angry, hypothesising a culprit, desiring revenge, and putting down anyone who disagrees with them. Those emotions are dangerous. Better to let sadness, the primary emotion, be felt and released first.

              Daddy, What did you do in Bush Two?

              by omfreebogart on Sun Nov 27, 2005 at 05:42:21 PM PST

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              •  In your predetermined suicide fantasy (none)
                these asservations came from who, exactly? Did you bother to READ the part that said his family did not comment for this article?
                Where, then, do you think the article's authors got all those snippets, if not from Aegis and from the "investigating" military? Did you notice that the person reporting strange and "broody" behavior was an Aegis secretary?
                Have you ever heard of people who will lie for money? To keep their job? Out of fear?

                You claim to have been a suicide counselor. You aren't the only ex-counselor on this blog. You aren't the only ex-counselor in our two-person conversation. I've been a rape center counselor. I counseled suicidal adults and teens in that capacity. I've also been a counselor working with adult and teenage homeless persons. Counseled more than a few suicidal persons in that job. I've worked with real police [NYPD] detectives; my knowledge wasn't obtained from watching actors ham a writer's fiction on the boob tube. I have directed doctors, nurses and police officers in the securing of actual evidence in actual sex crimes, and abuse crimes [Kings County Hospital, NYC].
                NO ONE can credibly make a diagnosis of suicide by parsing fragmentary hearsay, relayed from suspect sources. To even pretend to do so, in an open forum which might be visited by grieving relatives, is both stupid and disgustingly cruel.
                I don't usually engage in personal riposte like this, but people who engage in Fristian diagnosis, ending with a pretentious "BTW, I used to be blah de blah.." make me sick. Go peddle your voodoo bloganalysis and your TV show attempted putdowns to someone else. You get no sale here.

      •  and look who determined it was his handwriting- (none)
        the military!  Surprise, surprise.

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