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View Diary: "Trophy Video" of Civilian Shootings By Contractors Emerges (255 comments)

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  •  Yeah (none)
    You're probably right, but what I was getting at was how incredibly sick the "official" line is (as parroted by the Army report):  I.e., that it's just hunky-dory that contractors are making shitloads of money off the war.  Me personally, I find it sickening.  That a contractor killed Westhoving is plausible, but I can also see how Westhoving might have become distraught at the Army brass's kowtowing to the war profiteers.  From what the article said about his background, Westhoving was gung-ho and idealistic, the kind of guy who believed with all his heart in "duty, honor, and country".  When he got over to Iraq and witnessed the cornucopia of corruption firsthand -- and saw that it was officially sanctioned by the Army brass -- it probably shook him to his core.  What's going on over there is unconscionable:  U.S. soldiers die, US contractors drag bags off money back home.        
    •  Tinfoil hat time here (none)
      You really think Army investigators would accept a contractor killing an O-6?
      •  ah, yeah (none)
        No tin foil hat required.  One story delves into contractor corruption and abuse,including the possible murder of civilians.  The other is an ethical man overcome by depression.  Which story do YOU think the Pentagon goes with?
      •  I hate to say it (none)
        But I think that depends a lot on when their enlistment is up, and what kind of job they are promised by the contractor post-retirement.

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        by Magorn on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 09:23:18 AM PST

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