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View Diary: "Trophy Video" of Civilian Shootings By Contractors Emerges (255 comments)

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  •  Sick Evil Bastards (4.00)
    How can anybody claim that the terrorists and zaraqwi drones are the true evil in Iraq?  This is no less evil than the beheadings that occurred earlier; no less shocking either.  Everybody needs to see this video.  Everybody who cant figure out why their is an "insurgency" in Iraq needs to see this.  We fund these pigs.    They kill in our name.  We are all murderers....
    •  I would equate them (none)
      Every people has its share of evil scum. Our evil scum aren't "more evil" than theirs; how could they be? Once you cross the threshhold, it takes an act of God to cross back. People who intentionally killed innocents, or killed innocents when shooting "for kicks", are what used to be called "damned".

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