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  •  You know the wingnuts (none)
    and their supporters are in trouble when Wm the Berry starts criticizing the Dems for not criticizing the Bush admin on Iraq.

    Wm the Berry brings up natl honor in his argument,  when you elect a chickenhawk as pres natl honor is already thrown to the curb as an option or excuse for doing anything.

    Wm also mentions lives lost as a reason, not invading Iraq was the time to consider lives affected and lost, not to mention that Iraq had nothing to do with the excuses for the illegal and immoral invasion of the nation.

    Wm must have too much time on his hands to write a column like this, criticizing the Bush admin and the wingnuts for their war crimes and anti-democratic policies might just be a more appropriate use of that time, in between trips to the gym of course.

    PS - Don't act too desperate Wm, its not becoming even to a wingnut apologist like you.

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