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  •  I actually agree here. (none)

    The plan SHOULD NOT be extremely absolute, but chart some reasonable path, and show that we actually have a plan. For instance....

    1. No more no-bid contracts. Get Halliburton out. It has completely unacceptable ties to the administration, and should be outright banned for that reason alone.
    2. Set a withdrawl date. It can be a year in the future if it needs to be, but the Iraqi government will either be in good shape by then, or it will collapse when we leave, but we will leave on the appointed day. This will eliminate much of the resistance, as it's hard to die for a cause that will be irrelevant in a year.
    3. Punish guilty parties. Security contractors sniping at civilians, soldiers raping and beating prisoners. Demand a full accounting, and the rule of law.
    4. Send batches of the Iraqi police forces back to the states to get training, then return them to Iraq when they have learned a thing or two. Have the FBI and NYPD, and anyone else who is willing help to train them. There is NO reason for the military to be training POLICE. Crossover between military and police always leads to problems.

    I could go on. Keep it simple...

    1. This is what the republicans are doing.
    2. This is what we would do.
    3. This is why we are right.

    Simple as that.

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