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  •  winning should be part of the plan (none)
    for once I agree with Armando. Winning back the Senate and increasing seats in the House is the overwhelming priority for the upcoming elections and obviously that includes a withdrawal strategy for Iraq that includes the realities of not cutting and running which noone is advocating except extreme anti-war supporters.  Keep one thing in mind, if the Democrats do regain either control or close to parity they still have to govern. It is not enought to just win and suit there. Immediately after the elections, as Bush stated after his, the winning party starts to expend political capital and if the Dems are the winners the boots will be on the other foot - they will be the ones criticised for failure, not the Republicans. But obviously in order to win the elections they must have a cohesive policy behind which all Democrats and Independants can rally and tolerate. That's the way the system works.

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