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  •  Armando's plan: THE NO PLAN (none)
    >>Democrats don't have an exit strategy, either.

    >>If the Democrats had their own Karl Rove, he'd
    >>probably tell them not to even try to come up
    >>with one.

    >If Iraq is most likely to implode into civil
    >war, leaving it a far more dangerous hotbed of
    >terrorism than it was before our invasion,
    >wouldn't the Democrats be smart to let it
    >happen without interference?

    >Well, I have volunteered for the job and have
    >counseled exactly that... I would argue I am
    >being principled

    How is playing lame politics during a critical time in our nation's history principled? And since when is representing America simply countering the opposing party? You and your supporters are a disgrace!  You are the insufferable portrait of the Republican caracature of a Democrat.  This site is incredible.  If it were up to you people we will have an eternity with the neo-cons.

    >So what are Dems left to do? Very simple. They
    >have to plan and act in ways designed to allow
    >them to regain power in 2006.

    Wow so the Dems just sit around for 1 year and tell the American public that they have a plan, but it's a secret until they can get into office. Very principled?  NO INCREDIBLY STUPID.

    The democrats have to make a plan and a vision forward NOW.  The republicans have already embraced the "stablization" language.  NOW is the time to define the criteria for achieving stability.  And the number one criteria for achieving stability is CIVILIAN DEATHS and CIVILIAN SECURITY.  Having your family members, or friends blown to bits in front of you has a big impact.  Hungry bellies make hungered terrorist. The Iraq war will be won when we stablize the everyday conditions of Iraq.  That means building civil infrastructure is more important than training soldiers for security.  We need to provide the security to build this infrastructure.  The Dems should define the variables needed to achieve stability.  The variables should be quantifiable and have a reasonable time frame.  The Dems are capable of providing the criterion for success in Iraq.  America can't afford your brand of politics ARMANDO.  GET OUT OF THE WAY! AMERICA DOES NOT NEED YOUR HELP.

    •  No...its the only logical thing to do (none)
      Look, I understand that a lot of Dems want to feel and hear that their leaders have a plan, have something of substance. But in reality, the debate is not dictated by our leaders right now. We have no positions of influence in government, and no way to push our agenda.

      If we present a plan, it is very much like showing an enemy where and when we will attack. Is it worth giving you reassurance to give away our ideas? I say not. If we present our ideas as campaign platforms and in the election cycle, we wont be lost in the news cycle, our ideas and agenda will not be cherry picked by the Republicans, and we will actually allow the VOTERS, you know, the people that actually matter, to have a say in what the government does. Up until now, whenever we present our ideas, the Repubs shut them down, then down the road, reintroduce them as "Republican Themes" or whatnot.

      Think past your need for reassurance that the party still works for you, and see the bigger picture. That is a message for all the Doubting Dems!

      I've killed people for less...

      by patsprouseyo on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 11:54:41 AM PST

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