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  •  Your assumption is flawed (none)
    The assumption that the only way to create a stable Iraq is through the use of military power on the part of the United States is flawed. By any stretch of imagination, no Dem will withdraw 100% of the troops pronto. The Dems actually have been arguing that the US needs to do one of two things. The press continually neglects to adequately report the Dem's argument.

    Dem's have argued that we need to either send enough troops and commit enough resources to do the job right or quit playing with our selves, and get out.  But, no Dem in power is suggesting that we let Iraq implode. The Dems buy into the whole "pottery barn rule."

    Also, Thomas Frank's analysis, that you so nicely condensed is not entirely acurate (first Dr. Martin DID take the go-slow approach, I am not entirely sure which approach you were suggesting that he heeded). But you work under the assumption that a backlash is a product of the movement, which it is not, the backlash is the product of the resistance to that movement, which is present from the very begining. Take the depate on creationism (which i think we should stop framing as a debate on darwinism), the current backlash is nothing new, it was the same resistance that said the world was flat, or heliocentric, its always ALWAYS been present. Its a mistake to view it as new, or as a product of progress. If progress always produced suck an result, it wouldn't produce any results, the resistance is mutually exclusive to the progress, think of it as tug of war, sometimes the other team wins...

    I've killed people for less...

    by patsprouseyo on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 11:32:22 AM PST

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