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  •  gfdsgddsgfd (none)
    implying they arent listening doesnt prove they arent, durr.

    i understand your line of reasoning re: withdrawal during campaign time.  i just think youre wrong.

    would you care to address my point about congressional dems approval ratings?  that was the gist of the post.  htf do you explain a lower approval rating than darth cheney, hmmm?

    oh, and dont worry about offending me... you gotta be dear to me before you can offend me.

    •  Waiting (none)
      To find out if there's any positive response to Edwards stand up admission on his vote and other recent comments on Iraq, other than here.Comparing that to the parsed approach as was Kerry's should edumacate candidates how to do it. (Bush might even learn something...)  
            This is important obviously, and I'm hoping that it'll show that being honest and not weaselicious with the voters will let candidates at least break even , after the wngrs spew at them. My plan is before the campaign in 2006 that those who 'voted for the war' do what they have to do and take their lumps, and take them early enough that they can then spend more time campaigning for (re)election and not defending against flip flop spewage. They have to be able to turn their changed view of the war into a soundbite talking point slam of everything reepug.
          The challenge of talking to voters with family in Iraq is maybe the toughest. More diaries here on that please, there was at least one here recently that was good.
          Of course all candidates go to the reelection boot camp to get their chops up , right?
           There's got to be a proven way  politicians can change their positions and not get the 'flip flop' crap. Jeez don't we rate our politicians as to how well they  respond to the changing world?
        Ooops,  oh yeah, sorry....
         Oh and did I say Get The Hell Out Of Iraq Now?
      And that includes air support to tribal, ethnic, and religious factions...

      Neocon plan for Iraq : Chaos and Corruption.

      by KenBee on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 06:01:52 PM PST

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