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    Living near a military base, suicides are something that are all too common.  The military tries to hide them, but when most of the soldiers live off post, it's impossible.  Within a week of soldiers coming home, the suicides start.  A week before they are due to leave for Iraq, they begin again.  The majority of suicides are officers.  Recently, a retired Iraq vet shot and killed his wife, also an officer who was due to go back to Iraq shortly.  He then killed himself.

    A LTC came home from Iraq in the last go round and failed to show up on base the next day.  My friend received a call to do a welfare check on him (she was the manager of the apt. complex he lived in ). He had written a letter talking about how he could not live with himself or his job anymore.  He put on his dress uniform along with all his medals and shot himself in the head.  I would imagine this is happening a bases all over the US.  These deaths go uncounted in the number of war dead, even though the war is the cause.  Several months back I heard the number of suicides was in the thousands.  I doubt we will ever know the exact number who take this way out.

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