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  •  My understanding is that the Wind Farm (none)
    is to be sited in Nantucket sound., and that you will be able to see it from Hyannis. The Cape's primary industry is tourism and the concern is that it will effect.

    In addition, coastal property in Massachusetts, espcially on the Cape has gotten incredibly expensive. The owners of those million dollar houses want the limitless view they paid for.

    There are some legit concerns. Local enviromental impact on boating and fishing traffic. Impact of large scale construction. Recently studies of the large amount of birds killed by wind/weather vanes through out the world. Concern as to why the developer has the right to build a for profit enterprise in public waters.

    •  Talking points... (none)
      Those are all the well-rehearsed OilCo funded talking points, yes.
    •  Cape Wind (none)
      Osiris is right about the first point: the major opposition to Cape Wind is coming from residents who don't want giant windmills disturbing the view.

      The other points are thin arguments, however.  

      Tourism: I'm not sure there has been a good argument showing that tourism dollars will be affected negatively.  

      Dead birds: I may be wrong, but didn't the Army Corps of Engineers discredit the idea that there will be armies of dead seagulls washing up on the shores of the Kennedy compound?

      Private developer in public waters: The public land would be used for the public good, using cleaner resources for renewable energy.

      The crucial point here is that MA leaders (i.e. - Romney, Healey, and Riley) have paid lip service to environmental stewardship and renewable energy, but have not supported the Cape Wind project on Nantucket Sound, which has passed strict environmental and ecological scrutiny.  (side note: Romney's politicizing of stem cell research follows the same vein for healthcare)

      On the other hand, check out Deval Patrick's comprehensive environmental plan.  Very impressive.

    •  Q-Tips (4.00)
      From Hyannis, the windmills will look like Q-tips at 100'.  People upset about the view are trying to obfucate by providing the 'legit concerns' argument.  I wonder if this much griping went on whenever somebody built a lighthouse.  You know, the ones you find in paintings in every restaurant in just about every coastal town.
      •  Beat me to that commentary (none)
        And, in terms of tradeoffs, the soot belching grandfathered coal and oil burning power plant in my 'backyard' looks nothing like a Q-tip.  

        Nature never breaks her own laws. --da Vinci

        by lale on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 02:11:24 PM PST

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