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View Diary: MA-Gov: So, when's Romney retiring? (147 comments)

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  •  Not convinced (none)
    I am just sick of Mass Dems picking the safe canidate every time just to have them get creamed by the Republican. Yes, DP hasn't come out on all the issues yet (nor will he probably) but so far it looks like he is to the left of Reilly and definitely left of Galvin. Last go round Reich and Tolman were overlooked for a blah Shannon O'Brien. Anyway, I think any Dem will win vs. Healy so we should support the one with the best policy.

    I do agree with you about the legislature. A progressive speaker would be best for the party and the state.

    •  I see your point (none)
      however, I really do think that even if Patrick campaigns as a more liberal alternative to Reilly, both will have just about the same approach as Gov. Neither would veto much at all, and both would work closely with the legislature. Both would ultimately be beholden to the legislature in the same way (which is fine for progressives, since the legislature, espeically the House, is moving leftward).

      If I end up supporting Reilly, I guess it's not just because he's the "safe" Dem, but because he's already proven that he could handle the office. It's something that Patrick still needs to prove.

      (I supported Robert Reich last time, even though he wasn't really the "safe" Dem, because he showed that he could handle being Gov. I guess that's really the key.)

      Democrats will fight for a Renewed Deal with the American people.

      by Hoyapaul on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 03:32:58 PM PST

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