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  •  Parental notification ... (none)
    was the debate issue that nailed O'Brien to the cross.

    It was a very tight race - despite all of O'Brien's negatives and the fact that Romney is basically Guy Smiley. There was even talk that Green candidate Dr. Jill Stein - the most qualified candidate in the race, actually - could tip the race. Stein missed almost $4 million in Clean Election funds by a handful of donations, which surely would have tipped the scales.

    During a debate with Tim Russert hosting, the question came up about parental notification for girls under 18 who wanted an abortion. It was a trap: Romney nailed her on it, she was flippant, with her answer, and Russert - a moderate who is clearly pro-life or at the least very uncomfortable with abortion - followed up on her flippant answer with something like, But Treasurer O'Brien, girls under 18 have to get permission to get a tatoo, why not an abortion? To which Shannon joked, Wanna see my tatoo? I winced it was so bad. And that was it, the election blown by the supposedly most electable candidate. In the end, O'Brien lost by 5 percent. Stein got 3 percent.

    It was similar to all the huffing and puffing by Gore in 2000 during the first debate which made him look like an idiot and Bush like a Rhodes Scholar.

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    by politizine2 on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 10:05:44 PM PST

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