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View Diary: Voting-machines tested, report up on CALIF Secy of State website (136 comments)

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  •  What must be done: (none)
    A good way to monitor these machines would be to identify the precincts that they are placed in and compare them to previous results. If, for instance, all-Black areas are all of a sudden churning out GOP votes, then, we would have a legitimate case for fraud.

    What must be done is anticipating any possible irregularities and then planning how to prove such irregularities to the public and to the courts.

    •  That is exactly the type of evidence... (4.00)
      ...pouring out of Ohio, Florida and elsewhere these past election cycles (1998-2005)...and we can not even get Kos and the Front-Pagers to credit fraud here in the "reality-based" community.

      ...Shadow elections to show the inevitable red-shift
      (like in San Diego)may be an answer.

      ...Killing this beast before it drops a litter in Califonia is the only real answer.

      "Wonderful things can happen ... when you plant the seeds of distrust in a garden of Assholes" -- Elmore Leonard

      by Blue Shark on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 12:11:03 PM PST

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      •  Here is the problem: (none)
        Legitimate evidence, like what happened in Ohio, got lumped in with theories that had no evidence, stuff that was forged or planted, or leaps to conclusions. We have proven that the possibility of fraud is very real. But what we need to do is prove actual fraud as opposed to the mere possibility. That is the only way we will get this story to the front pages of this place and to the media.
        •  Hope... (none)
          ...I understand the premise of your comment, but after reading Conyers, Loo, Fitrakis, MC Miller, Hartman, Lehto, and USCountsVotes, and so many others.  The wheat has been separated from the chafe.

          ...The evidence of Electronic Fraud (at the tabulator level especially) is overwhelming.

          ...That is what is not clear here in dKos-land and in America today.  The case really is open and shut.  We can only hope the various legal suits working their way through the system will elicite the truth of the matter.

          ...One long-shot is that with the Abramoff probes and indictments about to splash all over the news there may be Bob Ney (R-Ohio) who knows that the election in Ohio was rigged because he paid good money for it.  He may roll to save his sorry ass.

          "Wonderful things can happen ... when you plant the seeds of distrust in a garden of Assholes" -- Elmore Leonard

          by Blue Shark on Tue Nov 29, 2005 at 01:40:29 PM PST

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